Welcome to Ganga College of Education Dujana- Jhajjar

Ganga College of Education was established in 2007. The institution in the rural setting has proved to be the pioneer in providing quality teacher education since its inception. It is one of the oldest Self-Financed teacher education institutes in the rural area of Distt. Jhajjar.

The institution has beautiful natural surroundings ideal for the would-be-teachers to study in the ambience of college premises which provides a fresh and peaceful environment. The students, because of its high academic standards and qualified & dedicated teaching faculty, have always preferred this college. The college is run by an efficient management The Dujana Shiksha Samiti.


Welcome to Ganga College of Education. It provides the perfect platform for students to mold and develop their brain. The Management of Arya College of Education has provided the basic infrastructure to achieve the same. The faculty also leaves no stone unturned in imparting the best of knowledge. Co-curricular activities also are given due importance for the overall development.

At our college we are fully dedicated and geared up to the cause of producing high quality teachers in our pursuit to the service of nation and society at large. Ganga College of Education has earned an amazing amount of national good will and recognition. Concern for a better society receives more and more support with each passing day. The impact of its actions has been profound and deep, bringing in its wake smiles on the faces of young and old alike…giving their dreams a new dimension. Education, perhaps more than any other discipline or area of professional activity, is global in its nature, scope and impact.

We understand the dilemma of a student as he or she seeks to create a future, we support the individual they are to become, we appreciate the trust placed on us and we promise to fulfill their dreams by providing.